How can depression affect our lives?

Sadness is a reaction to troubling feelings, events and situations, but when this feeling becomes persistent or we find it difficult to see any joy in our lives, we may be suffering the symptoms of depression. Depression affects our health and well-being and can inhibit our ability to function at home and work and can start to impact on the relationships we have with others. We can begin to feel isolated, helpless and hopeless making it harder for us to see a way through it.


How can counselling help?

Talking therapies enable us to explore and reflect on the challenging thoughts and feelings we may experience while suffering with depression. Building a trusting relationship with a trained counsellor allows us to gently explore our beliefs and perspectives to better understand what might lie beneath our painful feelings.


What to do next

Talking to friends or relatives about how you are feeling may seem overwhelming, embarrassing or shameful and if this is how it feels to you, counselling may be something you might like to consider.

"Depression symptoms may vary among people but generally encompass a feeling of sadness or hopelessness."

Mental Health Foundation



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